Sometimes, you need a good place to just sit.  A girl to listen.  Some uninterrupted time, to address your thoughts and feelings.

Self-study is a valuable endeavor. Accordingly, I handle the work with the utmost care, hearty curiosity, and determination. Treatment begins with exploring your thoughts, conclusions you’ve drawn, opinions, and beliefs, to understand your world-view and, therefore, what sparks your emotions and motivates your behaviors. We then hone in on the ideas that could be causing some distress and tackle them together, through therapeutic techniques, homework, and new routines that best match your particular preferences and personality. 

I do have some specializations, but I see all kinds of clients with all kinds of struggles.  Also, I am well connected in the therapeutic community.  So, if you need more particular treatment (ie: psychotropic medication, a sex therapist, or drug rehab), I can refer you to someone uniquely prepared to meet your needs.

If you’re ready to begin this very special process, please contact me to schedule a FREE 50 min consultation.

I'll respond within 24 hours, unless I'm traveling at the moment. Please note my travel schedule on the Schedule and Policies page.

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