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This is an area of our practice meant specifically to support you as you support others: you generous souls who offer your time, energy, and talent on a daily basis, in various ways. There are challenges common to all caregivers. You might have noticed yourself shutting down or distancing yourself from the outside world to replenish your energy. You may find it difficult to avoid absorbing others’ emotions—or stress about disappointing them. You could be experiencing vicarious trauma or be pushing through empathy exhaustion. Perhaps you are ignoring all the signs of fatigue and forcing yourself far beyond your breaking point. Or, you may simply be curious about your reasons for choosing your career in the first place, as it feels oddly similar to your romantic or familial life.

We are calling you out by name because, frankly, you do not tend to advocate for yourself. If this pertains to you in any way, and you have need of an enthusiastic, compassionate relationship and a place to safely explore your vulnerabilities, consider this a warm invitation to do so. (And be assured that we, too, are doing this work and feel more than prepared to hold space for you.)

We see you and all that you do. Please give us the honor of helping you help others.

My associates and I can provide this tailored service. Visit our associates page, and then contact one of us to set up your free 30 min consult.

Looking forward to meeting you!

-Hallie, Sarah, and Jess-