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This world moves fast. Many of us are stuck in a near-constant state of rush and starting to feel the effects of significant stress. In addition to its more traditional benefits, today's therapy can serve as the only time exclusively devoted to your inner world. It offers a still, calm place to simply be. A mindful pause in your day. 

More specifically, the point of therapy is to address and manage a problem. Treatment begins with exploring your background as well as your thoughts, preferences, and beliefs. We then hone in on the ideas that could be causing the distress and tackle them together, through compassionate and goal-oriented talk therapy, specific cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness homework, IFS work, and/or new daily routines.

If you’re ready to begin this process, please contact me to schedule a FREE 30 minute in-person consultation.

I invite you to look around this site. If you have a question that is not answered here, don’t hesitate to email me directly at halliegtherapy@gmail.com.

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