Lesbian Couples

Couples therapy tailored to support clients as they do the hard work of connecting and caring for one another. Treatment usually begins with HOW you’re talking. Here, we’re looking for troublesome or hurtful habits, over-emotionality, blocking or shutting down, bullying, or other faulty communication patterns or obstacles to understanding one another’s point of view. Then, after some exploration and practice in that area, we move to WHAT you’re talking about. Lesbian couples can have unique concerns with the following subjects: Identity/Relationship Roles, Adoption/Fertility/Pregnancy/Surrogacy, Sexual Issues or Loss of Passion, Coming Out Stages, Family Issues, Jealousy, Infidelity (physical and/or emotional), Socializing Issues, Sense of Self.


At any stage in the process: trying to conceive, pregnant, post-partum, and beyond. Offered here is a compassionate and empowering place to vent, sort through your thoughts and feelings, and/or be completely supported by a fellow Mama committed to your well-being. If childcare is an obstacle, let me know. I can help.

Actors & Writers

Specialized counseling intended to help clients (actors, models, writers, and all other industry professionals) process Hollywood and continue to perform well in their careers, despite the inherent difficulty of this place. In session, we dismantle stressful beliefs about ability and success, explore the path that led here, learn techniques to be more present in the room, and work through industry fatigue. 

20-30 somethings

Standards of success have skyrocketed to ridiculous levels. Immediate achievement is coveted. Money is adored. The obsession with beauty and fame seems screwed up, yes, but also totally inescapable and weirdly important. It’s an age where everything is marketed directly to you, but you can’t necessarily have it. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook display “best” or “highlighted” moments of our peers’ lives, which we then compare to our own day-to-day existences. Basically, the world says it’s time for us to accomplish our dreams and be amazing, but the actuality of that is daunting.  And, if we’re not careful, it can start to impact the way we think about ourselves, leading to depression and anxiety. How do we understand and interact with this new crazy world and refrain from judging ourselves while preserving and working effectively toward realizing our goals?